AUTOMATED: 12th July Estimated Route

Day Twelve: Glaisdale to Robin Hoods Bay

Our projected route, once more shown in the palest of green colours.

The final stretch! We get this done and the challenge is complete. A long, long walk and then collapsing in Robin Hoods Bay. We are expecting a pint waiting for us along with Lenny and Cathy :D.

First though, Egton, a tiny rural hamlet... without even a pub to salve our thirst. What exactly is the point of this place?

Ah! It has a bridge, that is why it exists. Someone needs to maintain the bridge... don't they get thirsty?

Grosmont and our first pint of the day!! Much deserved!

The Hermitage, we can expect Toby to be fielding autographs and posing for photos in his natural habitat.